Travis 'Moonchild' Haddix
22 October 2015

Travis was in at the re-birth of Shakedown blues over 11 years ago!
We're delighted to have him back, supported by the Dave Thomas Blues band

"Travis asking me to organise a gig for him in England and I naively obliged" - Gerard
A date was set for January 2004. That night a small crowd of enthusiastic friends and relations bought truck loads of Travis’ CD’s and the Shakedown series was re-born.
The heavy Mississippi University based Living Blues Magazine got to hear about the gig and made Travis the featured artist in the 2005 issue # 179.

Since then bookings have kept rolling in for festivals and club dates throughout the world including the Hawaiian Blues Festival and regular lengthy tours in Scandinavia.

Since we last saw Travis in January 2007 with the Mike Carr Band he has recorded two excellent albums ‘Mean Ole Yesterday’ and ‘Daylight At Midnight’ which were released on Wann-Sonn Records.
Don't miss the return of Travis, Shakedown's long standing friend and bluesmen, with the added bonus of being backed by the excellent Dave Thomas blues band, driving the 'Fine City' blues scene in Norwich and the occasional concert with Paul Jones!
Dave has just returned from Cleveland where he has been rehearsing this show with Travis, so it should be a mighty fine evening not to be missed.

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Kat & Co + Dave Thomas
11 December 2015

Kathleen 'Kat' Pearson Thomas returns to Shakedown for the first time in 5 years since her wonderful 2010 gig this time as Kat & Co with her band and to make it a real treat we plan to have the Dave Thomas Blues Bandon stage as well. The finale will be interesting on our small stage
Kat first appeared at Shakedown in 2009, when she had just decided to make the move full time into blues, having had a varied career in blues and pop , as vocalist and backing singer and for a time even photo model.
A cautious start to the 2009 gig, gathered pace and soon turned into a triumph and Kat hasn't looked back since.
Dave Thomas continues to be our best friend and supporter supplying support and encouragement to our cause.
This our Shakedown Christmas party, so there'll be plenty of opportunity for shaking your stuff or just tapping your toes, to what should be a unique night.

Buy Tickets For Kat & Co + Dave Thomas:    Ticket[s] required @ £17 each